Our Properties

Lester Morgan Cultural Gardens- City Living at its Best
For more information contact:
500 Fredrick • Detroit, MI 48202
P: 313-832-1730
F: 313-832-0746
TDD 1-800-649-3777

Marketplace Court- The Hub of Activity
For more information contact:
Marketplace Court
3676 Rivard • Detroit, MI 48207
P: 313-832-3792

Noel Village- One of Detroit’s Most Prized Communities
To find out more about Noel Village Please Contact:
2158 Chene • Detroit, MI 48207
313-567-8986 (phone)
313-567-0538 (fax)

Orchestra Tower- Geared to accommodate people 55 years of age and older
To find out more about Orchestra Tower Please Contact:
3501 Woodward Avenue • Detroit, MI 48201 (Near Martin Luther King Drive)
313-831-6643 (phone)
313-831-5346 (fax)